8 Funniest Cold Opens In TV History

8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine - "The Full Bullpen!"

Like Parks and Recreation and The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a Michael Schur vehicle that gets reliably funny from the get-go, offering amusing sketches - normally based around hi-jinks within the fictional precinct's office - that showcase Jake's unrelenting stupidity and exuberance.

The episode Skyfire Circle opens with a with a brilliant example of the department’s jovial atmosphere, as Jake slides in slow-mo across the office to the elevator, in a gauntlet known as “the full bullpen”. To really get a sense of the scene's hilarity, it helps to know the characters well - in particular, the dynamic between live-wire Jake and curmudgeonly Captain Holt. In a sense, their fractious relationship throughout previous episodes is all set-up to the scene's hilariously unexpected punchline.

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