8 Great TV Shows That Would Have Had Incredible Prequels

8. The Doctor: Escape From Gallifrey - Doctor Who

The Premise: A young First Doctor feels like an alien on his home planet, as he plans to see the stars for himself. There are so many ideas of spin-off shows and prequel episodes that get the Doctor Who community excited. There have been whispers about getting Eighth Doctor Paul McGann his own series, the idea that maybe the Paternoster Gang should get a spin-off and then the match made in heaven that is River and Captain Jack fighting aliens in the days before she died in the Library. One that's never been talked about is perhaps the most obvious, actual "prequel" idea. The Doctor set off for the universe because he was disheartened with Gallifrey: why? Who were his family? How did he become so close with Susan and why did he take her with him instead of his wife or, presumably, his other grandchildren? It's an idea that could quite easily come to fruition with a younger actor, playing William Hartnell's Doctor in his earlier days. It would however cancel out so much of the mythology surrounded around the character. The Doctor's origins are fascinating, but perhaps we should let sleeping Time Lords lie, on this one.

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