8 Great TV Shows That Would Have Had Incredible Prequels

1. David Brent's Life On The Road - The Office

The Premise: Awkward paper merchant and fame-obsessed David Brent strikes out in his band, Foregone Conclusion. David Brent never belonged in an office: he was a rock and roll superstar longing for a life of fame. Ricky Gervais has played gigs as Brent, given him a Comic Relief mini-episode, and even created guitar tutorials online in character, but still, all Office fans would love to see more of David's music career. A David Brent prequel series goes against everything that Gervais stands for; he drew a line under The Office, and doesn't want to cheapen his master character with yet another TV series milking his popularity. But just imagine it? David and Foregone Conclusion, embarking on a nationwide tour, performing hits such as Freelove Freeway, Spaceman Came Down, and of course, Equality Street ("mega-racial, anti-racist"). Another option entirely is to write a show about Brent's musical career to take off in 2014; he has some more dates lined up, and it would be great to hear tales of Wernham Hogg between tracks. He might not ever return to the small screen for a proper series again, but he's a character that we'll never have had enough of. Are there any fantasy TV prequels you would like to see? Share your thoughts in the comments thread below.
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