8 Movies The Simpsons (Probably) Spoiled For You

They sure made a monkey out of us.


The Simpsons loves movies. Loves. Like, almost as much as we do. Ever since they exploded from filler shorts into animation behemoth the show's been injecting it's increasingly zany family stories with nods and recreations of everything, from all-time classics to the latest pop culture fad.

Obviously these jokes assume some cinema knowledge, but the show has now been running so long and remains so popular (its classic episodes at least) that for those who haven't seen whatever film's getting ripped into this week (and, let's not forget, an entire adult generation now exists that was weaned on this show), it can often mean people are experiencing these icons first through their animated counterpart.

Of course, most of its choice references tend to play on something that's so in the pop culture consciousness that you've probably picked it up anyway. But sometimes it goes beyond mere references and swift gags about transcendent moments and the parodies become so intricate that they straight up spoil the whole damn thing. Here's eight movies that any millennial (probably) had ruined for them by The Simpsons.


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