8 Notable Comparisons Between Breaking Bad And Scarface

1. Explosive Endings

Scarface4 Scarface, in one of the most memorable finales in cinema history, bows out all guns blazing. A seemingly endless stream of foes, almost respawning like in a Call of Duty game, arrives at his mansion, hell bent on ending his grim existence. As stream upon stream of enemies approaches, Tony's inevitable fate is delayed by his kamikaze attitude, bringing out a grenade launcher and screaming in a furious coke fuelled rampage the now infamous lines "Say hello to my little friend!". Tony in turn eventually dies how he lived; high on cocaine and surrounded by death and violence. Likewise, Breaking Bad also features a predictably explosive finale. Perhaps undeservedly, Walter dies on his own terms and with the cold feeling of revenge as his primary motivator. He returns to Albuquerque to have a showdown with the sickeningly ruthless Jack and his Nazi associates, however instead of wielding the gun himself in a courageous yet foolish manner, Walt uses the main weapon in his arsenal; his intelligence and attaches a machine gun onto a rotator device to decimate the entire Nazi crew at the touch of a button. While Tony dies fittingly in a pool with a statue with the words "the world is yours" on as mentioned earlier, Walt dies in a meth lab surrounded by equipment, again a fitting ending for the character, who's death is the cause of an excess of pride and ambition at the hands of the deadly drug.
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