8 Quirky Female TV Characters We Love


Some of the best female characters to grace our favourite television shows have been the quirky types. It takes balls to be different, or as it was once branded, €˜weird€™. There€™s a fine line between quirky and annoying, which is something our eight ladies have mastered. Without them our lives, and indeed the shows they star in, would be far duller.It€™s all about comic timing, and not just about reading lines off a script but also the way you read the lines.

Here are our eight favourite quirky girls, no doubt they€™ll be some blindingly obvious exclusions to this list so please leave comments for any clear omissions.

8. Mel - Flight Of The Concords

Mel Conchords Mel is perhaps the least known on this list, and definitely not the sassiest. In fact she's borderline psychotic, but we love her all the same. She is a fan, or should that be the only fan, of the band Flight of the Concords, who are a New Zealand duet consisting of Brett and Jermaine. Mel will think nothing of waiting outside Brett and Jermaine's crummy red apartment building for hours on end just to accidentally-on-purpose bump into the two. She is also the only person who actively attends their gigs, stalks them on tour and appears in their music video which centres round a Lord of the Rings theme (she can, naturally, speak fluent Elfish). Zany is one word, but this girl is pure mental. After winning a private meal with the band she locks her husband in the basement and tries to help Brett on the toilet, I can still see her freaky ogling eyes fixated on Brett's crotch even now, urghh! And let's not forget she watched the two kiwi's in bed sleeping via the webcam their clueless manager, Murray, installed! She is like no one you'll ever know in real life, or at least no one you should know.

Quirky Quotes:

Mel: €œHey guys, what are the chances we€™re always bumping into each other?€

Jermaine: €œone on one?€

Mel: €œWhat are you gonna do tonight?€

Brett: €œI€™m not sure€

Doug: €œMel? Can we go now? We€™ve been here for two and a half hours.€

Brett: €œIs that Doug?€

Mel: €œYeah that€™s Doug, don€™t worry about him. Just because I€™m married to Doug doesn€™t mean I can€™t be here for you.€


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