8 Reasons Digimon Was A Better Show Than Pokemon

8. The Digimon Could Talk

Since 'Digimon' came two years after 'Pokemon', upon first viewing of both shows as a child, I found it weird that Digimon could speak human languages. However, now that I've grown older, I find it much more conducive to an enjoyable show that each Digimon has a distinct voice and can speak complete sentences. Sure, the high-pitched voices of the In-Training Level Digimon can get pretty annoying but, fortunately, they don't stay in those forms for very long. And even then, they're still a lot more tolerable than hearing certain Pokemon repeat their own names over and over again. If only some of the other, more annoying, Pokemon had followed Meowth's example and learned how to talk, they'd be a lot more likeable. Dialogue is an important aspect of any show. As such, it helps to have characters interacting with each other to further develop their character traits and relationships with other characters. Being unable to do so severely limits what you can do with a voiceless character and hinders the storytelling aspect by limiting the amount of stories you can tell. I'm not saying it's impossible, just more difficult. Especially when you consider that there are over 150 characters in your repertoire that are incapable of speech. So not only does it make the Digimon better and more interesting characters with clear and understandable motivations, unlike their Pokemon counterparts, but it just makes for a better show when the heroes have a recognizable voice and can easily communicate with each other.

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