8 Stories Amazon's Lord Of The Rings Could Tell

1. The War Of Wrath


The War of Wrath took place right at the end of the First Age of Middle-earth - so this is long before the events of Lord of the Rings - and it's by far one of the biggest conflicts the world of Tolkien has ever seen.

This was the moment when the Elves, men, Dwarfs and Valar made their final stand against Morgoth and finally defeated the original Dark Lord, but not without dire consequences for everyone concerned.

The battle shook Middle-earth to its foundations and wrought apocalyptic changes to its landscape - most of the land west of the Blue Mountains was destroyed and sank beneath the waves.

Helms Deep and the battle of the Pelennor Fields look like playground scraps by comparison to this world-shattering conflict. Morgoth's army was made up of Balrogs, dragons and orcs, and much of the first two races were wiped out by the allied forces.

The War of Wrath and the events which led up to it are ripe for TV adaptation. Morgoth would make a fantastic villain, the First Age setting would yield fascinating history lessons and the battle itself could potentially dwarf anything from Game of Thrones with the right budget behind it.

There are three ages of Middle-earth the series could draw from, packed with lore and captivating stories, so why not start at the beginning and work forwards from there?

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