8 Ways For Agents Of SHIELD To Make Inhumans Interesting

Bring on Lockjaw!

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., the neglected younger brother of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has always had trouble remaining relevant amongst the more popular Marvel properties. The introduction of Inhumans - a race of genetically altered humans, containing alien DNA and possessing superpowers - in Season 2 seemed set to change that. With an Inhuman movie due out in 2019, it looked like Marvel had finally thrown Agents a bone by letting them have first dibs on some exciting characters. Except...it hasn't really worked out. Skye's transformation into the superpowered Daisy Johnson has given her character a renewed purpose (and some fun special effects to play with) but rather than emerging as an iconic hero, she's remained mired in dull plots. The rest of the Inhumans we're introduced to are either bland sketches of characters or murdered before they can make an impact. The loss of Afterlife, a home for Inhumans, has meant that the entire storyline is vague and lacks any focal point beyond Daisy's moping. Though so far the show has struggled to make the emergence of the Inhumans as compelling as their ongoing battles with Hydra, there's still hope for the concept. Here are a few ways they can course-correct...

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