8 Worst Sons Of Anarchy Casting Decisions

8. Kim Dickens - Colette Jane


Introduced in the premiere episode of Sons of Anarchy’s sixth season, at first it seemed like Colette Jane may be in for some really big things. The owner of an escort agency and fiercely proud of it, if you made the mistake of disrespecting her profession, her employees, or her, there was no doubt that she would push back.

However, despite he kind of set up any new character could hope for, in short order it became abundantly clear that Jane was yet another character that was going to come between Jax and Tara.

An actor that can best be described as being formidable, casting Kim Dickens to play Colette Jane is the equivalent of hiring Usain Bolt to walk around a track.

Sure, they are fully capable of the task you’ve given them but the audience will always be left waiting for them to let loose and perform to the level they have on so many other occasions. For that reason, the casting department set the audience of their show up for disappointment every time Dickens appeared on the screen.


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