9 Most Important Deaths In Game Of Thrones

1. Jon Snow

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Blood Splatter

€œHe€™s gone.€

In the epic clusterf**k that was the Season 5 finale, nothing hit harder than the treacherous, brutal and methodical group murder of Jon Snow. As the Lord Commander got proper shived by his bros, we waited patiently for some kind of out for him. We waited all the way to the last shot of his thick dark blood, sluggishly creeping away through the snow. And then we completely lost our sh*t.

While the end of season shock was impactful, the implications going into season 6 make this the most important death so far. It is so important because he is not going to stay dead for long. When that scarlet woman lays her hands on him and whispers her sweet nothings, Jon Snow will rise a free man.

Jon takes his vows seriously. So seriously that he will allow the slaughter of his people back home. Taking the black only binds you until death and that is one giant loophole that nobody would question him taking advantage of, especially given the manner of his death.

Ned Stark€™s bastard will rise from the grave and take revenge against those who scattered his family. Heading into Season 6, hope has been resurrected for the Stark family.

"What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger."

...What's good for the Kraken is good for the Wolf.

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