A Frasier Reboot Might Actually Be Happening

I'm listening.

Frasier Niles

Although not quite as outlandish as today’s other reboot news, it seems that Frasier might be the next TV series in line for a new take.

Deadline are reporting that Kelsey Grammer and CBS TV Studios are actively exploring the possibility of making a new version of the show, which would go to a new city and feature a new supporting cast, but still be led by Grammer’s psychiatrist.

On the one hand, it’s hard to imagine Frasier without Niles, Eddie, and Martin around him, especially in the wake of John Mahoney’s passing, but then it’s not like the character hasn’t worked without them before.

Of the big three 90s sitcoms - Frasier, Friends, Seinfeld - this is the only one that could feasibly work, and it could be interesting to see Frasier Crane trying to tackle the modern world’s problems. At the same time, Frasier’s original run was so great - winning an incredible 37 Emmy Awards - that there’s a good chance that magic can’t be recaptured, but it’s not like the character’s journey was given a definitive ending.

It's still in the early stages for now anyway, with the report stating that Grammer is meeting with a number of writers to hear different concepts for the series, and if there's one good enough then it could be moved forward.

How do you feel about a potential Frasier reboot? Let us know down in the comments.

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