Amazon's Lord Of The Rings: Fan-Casting Every (Possible) Major Role

13. Saruman - Tom Mison


Saruman is one of a few characters to appear in all of Tolkien's books so the performer who takes him on must be able to adapt and carry a significant number of plots. Mison was the driving force behind Sleepy Hollow and the skilled Brit would be a strong anchor for the Amazon adaptation.

Though Sleepy Hollow excavated real-life events, it placed its protagonist in one unbelievable instance after another. Mison's Ichabod Crane confronts demons, witches, and ghosts on a continual basis. If the actor were to join Amazon's journey into Middle-earth, he'd be right at home in its fantastical plots.

The malevolent Saruman would be an exciting departure for Mison. While he portrays the hero in Sleepy Hollow, his capacity to remain comfortable and in control during otherworldly scenes is staggering. He'd cast Saruman's spells with unwavering confidence all while keeping a firm countenance. Ichabod thumbed through evil texts but Saruman could take the words within them a step further.

Faithful Rings fans will remember that Saruman wasn't always a corrupt figure. His descent into darkness should be a recurring storyline in the prequel. Saruman's separation from ally Gandalf would be a potent narrative. Many of Mison's heart-breaking scenes on Sleepy Hollow were linked to his partner Abby after she left. Mison's stellar reactions as Saruman during his growing rift with Gandalf is an opportunity the prequel must not miss.

When it comes to the sinister white sorceror, the former Ichabod Crane should be the one riding to the fictional Mordor.


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