American Horror Story: Apocalypse - 6 Ups & 1 Down From 'Boy Wonder'

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American Horror Story Apocalypse Ep 5 Ups Downs

Contains spoilers from American Horror Story Season 8, Episode 5.

The moment that American Horror Story fans have been waiting for arrived in the latest episode - entitled Boy Wonder - which proved to be not only one of the season's strongest outings, but one of the best episodes the anthology series has ever given us.

Following on from the previous episode which saw Cordelia foresee the end of the world, the gracious Supreme decides that Michael Langdon should perform the Seven Wonders for the sake of all humanity - little does she know that he will be humanity's downfall. It's a thrilling narrative, filled with plenty of nail-biting moments, and if that isn't enough, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk rectify one of Coven's biggest mistakes.

Boy Wonder takes place entirely in the past, before the apocalypse, which gives us a chance to see how Cordelia and Michael became acquainted. But that doesn't hinder the narrative in any shape or form, as we're given an inside look at just how dangerous the Anti-Christ child truly is. This episode has a lot going for it, and the enticing cliffhanger certainly suggests that the series is only going to keep getting better.


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