American Horror Story: Ranking Every Evan Peters Character From Worst To Best

8 Seasons. 16 Characters. But which is the best?


American Horror Story's unique ability to reinvent itself every year has allowed for the show's actors to inhabit a variety of different roles during their time on the series. The evolving themes and storylines ensure that the cast have plenty of opportunities to vary things up, as they often end up portraying contrasting characters from one season to the next.

Evan Peters, who has been with the show since its very first season, knows this better than anyone else. You'd think eight seasons would equate to eight characters, but this isn't the case for the enigmatic young actor, who has played a whopping 16 characters thus far.

Such a task might've been too much for some actors, but not for Peters, who continually proves himself on the hit series. Whether it be a teenage sociopath, a lobster-fingered outcast, a flamboyant socialite or a wrongly-convicted inmate, the AHS veteran has portrayed just about every type of character imaginable, and made it look effortless while doing so.

With Apocalypse revisiting several of his greatest roles on the series, it's time to take a trip down memory lane and examine each of his characters in depth, before determining which one is truly his best.


Stephen Patterson is an experienced writer and reviewer. He's also a TV addict.