American Vandal Season 2 Review: 7 Ups & 2 Downs


7. A Fascinating Central Mystery

American Vandal Turd Burglar

The #WhoDrewTheDicks mystery was so absurdly, compulsively compelling last year that season two really needed a mighty yarn to succeed it, and the Turd Burglar saga is more than up to the job.

Like the dick-drawing debacle of season one, it takes an inherently crude, childish concept and imbues it with stakes that feel life-or-death. Each of the season's eight episodes are jam-packed with new twists and turns, shifts on perspective as new context is added, red herrings and, of course, the customary cliffhangers.

It all adds up to an enigma that's as fascinating as any legit true crime documentary you could otherwise watch on the streaming platform, and the fact it's about a serial poo pandit terrorising a well-off Catholic school makes it all the more entertaining.


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