Arrow 1.16 Review, “Dead to Rights”

As a memorable first season of CW’s Arrow, somewhat based on DC comics Green Arrow character, continues – the latest…

Edan Nissen



As a memorable first season of CW’s Arrow, somewhat based on DC comics Green Arrow character, continues – the latest episode “Dead to Rights” is a compilation of why it has been such a stunning TV Show. Set half in modern Starling City, where Green Arrow takes down the bad guys with a Batman-esque style (Dark Knight Batman, not kitsch old school Batman), this episode focuses on the relationships of Felicity Smoak and John Diggle, and Oliver’s relationship with Tommy, as well as Tommy’s relationship with his father.

At the start of this episode, we see Felicity Smoak, the latest addition to the Green Arrow’s entourage and help, falling to the ground. As the camera zooms out, it is revealed that Diggle, the other man in the Green Arrow’s entourage, is trying to teach Felicity how to fight. The scene builds on the small relationship the two have going. Diggle is a straight shooting war vet from Iraq who acts all tough, but is very caring, and Felicity, who has an exterior of snide smart mouth comments, but only seems to have the best of intentions. The two characters, played by David Ramsey and Emily Bett Rickards respectively, are yet to find major screen time together as their relationship develops as well as the relationship between Smoak and Queen as the Green Arrow, as well as the relationship between the three of them in their quest to clean Starling City, as well as find Queen’s stepfather Walter Steele who was kidnapped in an earlier episode by Malcolm Merlyn (However, only Moira Queen is seemingly aware of that fact).

We get our first shots of the Island that Queen was stuck on for five years, and he is back in the shell of the burnt out plane with new friend Slade Wilson. The two discuss ways to get off the Island and while Slade, remains cynical now that there will be no planes coming, Oliver remains hopeful. Oliver spots a broken radio, and attempts to fix it and get a signal to call out for help. While Oliver eventually gets the radio to work, they soon discover that they can only hear in and the transmission out doesn’t work. However, after Slade begins to tune it, the two overhear Fyres discussing with his superior about the delivery of a monster to the Island. The two are curious about what Fyres and the mysterious second party are discussing and sneak to Fyres camp to investigate. The two later discover that Fyres has received a surface to air missle system from Russia which is capable of taking out a commercial airliner from the sky. Slade and Queen continue to discuss the ramifications, with Slade believing that Fyres could potentially start a war, by taking an airplane out of the sky, especially a commercial one.

Oliver discovers a plot to assassinate Malcolm Merlyn, who was accepting an award from the Starling City humanitarian society, and rushes to the ceremony to save him. Not long after Merlyn finishes his speech accepting the award, the fire alarm is set off by the Triads and Malcolm’s security detail are killed. As they try to send Malcolm outside, into the path of Deadshot, the plans change as Deadshot claims he can’t get a clear shot on Merlyn, Deadshot tells the Triads to push Merlyn upstairs. Malcolm and Tommy make their way upstairs to Malcolm’s office, completely unaware that Deadshot is waiting for them, and as Malcolm tries to talk to Tommy about his plans, Malcolm is shot in the chest. Oliver, arriving moments after Malcolm is shot, examines one of the bullets and quickly identifies the traces of Curari, the signature poison of Deadshot and advises Tommy what he needs to do.  Oliver reveals to Tommy that he is the Green Arrow and to trust him, performing a blood transfusion which in turn saves Malcolm’s life.  Oliver flees the scene before police can descend and he returns to the lab, in which he confides in Diggle that Deadshot is still alive.

In the final scene, Laurel Lance is seen on the phone to Tommy about to leave her apartment and make her way to the hospital were Tommy is looking over his dad. However, she is stopped at the door by her mother who drops a bombshell, which will clearly be a major plot point in the future episodes, just before the episode fades to black.