Arrow: 10 Important Moments From Season 2 So Far

The biggest moments from the newest Superhero TV market…

Adam Holmes


Arrow 2
Warner Bros TV

This season of Arrow has not only set a new standard for comic book television shows, but has also been an example of great television in general.

Still reeling five months after Malcolm Merlyn’s attack on the Glades, Starling City is rebuilding from this terrible ordeal and Oliver Queen has been spending these months in seclusion on the island of Lian Yu as penance for failing the city and his friend Tommy. Diggle and Felicity eventually find him and persuade him to come back, but he decides that he needs to become something more if he is to serve the city. He needs to be a hero.

Adopting a new no-killing policy, Oliver kicked off his new journey as the Hood and the start of an awesome new season, and so far we’ve seen a lot in only nine episodes. From more revelations on his time on the island to the introduction of many characters from the DC Comics universe, Arrow has gone even farther in embracing its comic book mythology, and it’s proved to be extremely successful.

With all that’s happened in these two months of superhero goodness, it can be difficult to remember all the important events that took place. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 most important moments from the past nine episodes. Whether you’ve missed out on these episodes and want to catch up or you just want to relive the excitement, these are the moments that not only propelled the show to new heights, but will also be the driving factors of the latter half of the season.

From this point forward, there will be SPOILERS.


Honourable Mention: Laurel Is Still Getting Over Tommy’s Death

Laurel Lance
Warner Bros TV

Laurel was hit very hard by Tommy’s death during the Glades attack. Originally holding the vigilante responsible, she began working at the district attorney’s office and works with the police department to try to capture the vigilante. She is also added to the prosecution team against Moira Queen, which would never happen in real life due to conflict of interest.

Eventually she realizes that she’s taking out her feelings on the vigilante because she feels guilty that Tommy died saving her. This, along with a few other events, lead Laurel to start drinking heavily and popping pills. Her father tries to help her as he has been through a similar spiral downward, but she claims she doesn’t have a problem and reiterates this when Oliver asks if she’s okay.

It’s safe to assume that Laurel is in for some emotional turmoil this season.