Arrow Season 6 Premiere: Who Lived & Who Died On Lian Yu

It's exactly who you thought.

Arrow Lian Yu Explosion
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Ever since May's season finale, fans have been speculating as to who made it off Lian Yu alive. Prometheus blew up the island in the episode, with almost every major character - sans Oliver and William - trapped on there.

Since then we'd already learned Slade Wilson definitely lived, with him being used in the trailers, and so too Dinah, Rene, and Black Siren. Outside of that, the fates were ostensibly up in the air, but it was safe to assume the main characters would be alive. And, with the Season 6 premiere airing, so it has proved.

Felicity is, of course, alive and well, and what's more it seems like her relationship with Oliver is back up and running. Diggle is alive too, which comes as no surprise either, though does seem to be suffering from PTSD.

Curtis Holt and Quentin Lance, two characters perhaps in slightly more danger than those, made it out as well. Quentin, like Diggle, hasn't come out of it unscathed though, struggling with the belief that he killed Earth-2's Laurel Lance (which we know he didn't).

Arrow Samantha death
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As for the casualty, the only one confirmed thus far is Samantha, William's mother. Given that a big part of the build-up to this new season has been the focus on Oliver becoming a full-time parent, it was obvious she was going to die. By making Oliver promise to take care of their son, she's served the plot more in death than she ever did in life.

Other fates are left up in the air, with no resolution provided for Malcolm Merlyn, Digger Harkness, Evelyn Sharp, or the al Ghul sisters. However, since we don't see any bodies, it's fair to assume most of them are still alive. Talia and Nyssa at least have unfinished business, though Captain Boomerang and Evelyn could be offed without anyone really noticing. John Barrowman said he was taking a break from the Arrowverse this year, but the producers of all the shows love having him around so much the door is presumably being left open.

Arrow Oliver Thea
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The other sort-of casualty is Thea, who does survive but is left in a coma. While she will likely wake up eventually, the show could wring some drama out of that, and it means there's an inbuilt excuse for her not appearing as much (it was revealed during Season 5 that Will Holland wasn't contracted for as many episodes as previous years, hence why she went missing for so long, and this could be something similar).

Oh, and Raisa, the maid not seen since the pilot episode, is back!

What did you think of the Season 6 premiere? Do you agree with the decisions on who lived and who died? Share your thoughts down in the comments.

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