Arrow Season 7: 4 Ups & 0 Downs From 'The Demon'


4. The Past Comes Back To Bite

arrow anatoly knyazev
The CW

Ricardo Diaz may have been absent for the majority of 'The Demon', but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t see him. He appeared in the episode’s closing moments, when The Silencer (who was unaware that she was being tracked by Felicity and Laurel) travelled to Moscow and found her boss threatening a frightened Anatoly.

Diaz and Anatoly previously worked together (along with Black Siren), as part of Cayden James’ villainous alliance during the show's sixth season. When James was killed, the pair continued to work alongside each other, until Anatoly turned on Diaz to help his friend, Oliver, succeed in his battle against him. The Dragon then warned Anatoly that he would regret his decision and now it looks like he’s finally executing that promise.

While it’s always nice to see Anatoly on the show, we have to wonder if he’ll be able to escape the Big Bad’s clutches. Whatever happens, things just got a lot more interesting, and it’s great that the writers are following through on some of Season 6’s unfinished business.


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