Arrow Season 7: 4 Ups & 2 Downs From ‘The Longbow Hunters’


4. Reinventing Old Tricks

Arrow Black Siren Silencer Fight
The CW

While all of The CW's Arrowverse shows rely quite heavily on fight scenes, none need them more than Arrow. Ever since the show debuted back in 2012, it has managed to produce an engaging fight scene in almost every episode. While some of the group fights got a little tired and repetitive, the show continued to update them in an attempt to keep them fresh, and it was only in Season 6 that they truly accomplished that.

However, with the single-shot fight scenes in the past with Oliver Queen's crime-fighting career, the show's producers have used this opportunity to reinvent the fight scenes all over again - and it's all thanks to the Longbow Hunters, especially The Silencer.

Utilising a device that somehow drowns out all sounds in the vicinity, The Silencer could sneak up on her targets without them ever knowing she was there. However, that didn't exactly work out for her when she went up against Black Siren. As a result, the pair ended up battling in almost pure silence.

It was a stylistic change that added an incredibly uncomfortable and oppressive vibe to the brawl, especially since Siren utilises sound waves to incapacitate people. Moreover, it was impossible to draw your eyes away from the scene as it became increasingly unnerving the longer it went on, and it has set the bar high for any fight scene that will follow.

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