Arrow Season 7: 7 Ways It Has Reinvigorated The Show

It has not failed its fans.

The CW

When Arrow returned to The CW for its highly-anticipated seventh season, it didn't just return strong, it was better than it had been in years. As the originator of The CW's Arrowverse, the show has often struggled to maintain a high standard and has, in recent years, been overshadowed by all of its larger-than-life spin-offs. But that has all changed with the arrival of Season 7.

Focusing on Oliver Queen's wrongful imprisonment at Slabside Super Maximum Security Prison, the season has allowed us to see a different side to the show's protagonist while also giving us the chance to see how the remaining heroes (and villains) dealt with the permanent absence of the Green Arrow. While all this was going on, Season 6's Big Bad, Ricardo Diaz, returned and this time, he brought some friends with him: The Longbow Hunters.

After a few decent years (and one dreadful one), Season 7 has finally breathed new life into Arrow. With a new tone, better focus on its characters and a storyline unlike anything it has given us before, the show has finally returned to form. And with the season almost ready to return, let's take a look at how it managed to accomplish this long-awaited feat.

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