Arrow Season 7: Ranking The Probability Of Every Major Character Death

Who will make it out of Season 7 alive?

The CW

Anyone who watches Arrow is well aware of the fact that a lot of the show's characters have a limited lifespan. Sure, it may not be the most trigger-happy show on TV when it comes to killing off major players, but it does come pretty darn close and has racked up a disturbing number of character fatalities during its six-year stint on the air.

It's no secret that Star City is a dangerous place to live, and many Arrow characters have found that out the hard way. Mayor Quentin Lance was only the latest victim, following in the unfortunate footsteps of the likes of Moira Queen, Laurel Lance, Tommy Merlyn, Amanda Waller, and even the illusive Malcolm Merlyn - all of whom had their lives cut short by one dastardly deed or another.

In fact, every single season of the show has seen the departure of at least one major cast member, and almost all of these times, it's through their respective character's death. With Season 7 on the horizon, now seems as good a time as any to wonder: Who's next?


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