Arrow Season 7: What ‘Star City Slayer’s Ending Really Means

We finally know who Blackstar is, but what does it mean for Star City's future?

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Contains spoilers from Arrow Season 7, Episode 13.

Arrow gave us its own unique attempt at a horror movie this week as the Star City Slayer made his presence felt in a rather frightening way. Sending a series of threatening letters (chillingly typed out on a typewriter because, well, horror conventions) to Laurel Lance, Dinah Drake, Rene Ramirez and John Diggle, the unhinged criminal was very careful not to involve the Green Arrow himself. Of course, this was down to the fact that he was really Stanley Dover - Oliver's former "buddy" from Slabside.

Stanley's unexpected return set in motion a series of events that will seemingly build towards the ravaged Star City of 2040 that we are currently seeing in the show's flash-forwards and, after teasing us all season, it seems like this possible future is becoming a reality. Speaking of that future, the reveal of Blackstar's true identity has provided us with some much-needed clarity while setting the stage for even more answers.

With Arrow now set to take a two-week hiatus from The CW, the ending of 'Star City Slayer' has certainly left things in an interesting place, but just what does it all mean for the show going forward?

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