Arrow Vs The Flash: Which TV Show Is Better?

How does the Scarlet Speedster stack up to the Emerald Archer?

Arrow Vs The Flash
The CW

Since starting back in 2012, the Arrowverse has become a huge enterprise, spanning four separate TV shows, online spin-offs, comics, novels, and earning a legion of loyal fans.

All return from the summer break next month but, as ever, the focus is largely placed on Arrow and The Flash. The former is entering its sixth season in a much stronger place than the last couple of years, after Season 5 saw some big improvements and dramatic changes, while the latter - which hasn't yet bettered its debut season - has to find a way to reintroduce its hero.

Arrow is the one that started it all, and The Flash the one that gave it a shared universe and catapulted it to the next level. Even though Barry Allen was first introduced on Arrow, and the two have crossed over a number of times, the shows are pretty different. One is fun, funny, lightning-fast superpowered action, the other skewing more towards the good ol' grounded, 'dark and gritty' post-Nolan take on superheroes.

The two shows, despite these differences, are the standard bearers for DC on the small screen, but which of them is better?

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