Arrowverse Heroes Will Fight Nazi Doppelgängers In 'Crisis On Earth-X' Crossover

Happy Wedding Day, Barry & Iris.

Arrowverse Crisis On Earth X
The CW

This year's four-way Arrowverse crossover has been revealed, and it's going to see the heroes fighting against themselves.

Titled Crisis On Earth-X, the two-night, four-episode run - which will include Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of tomorrow - will see the heroes taking on their doppelgängers from the titular Earth-X. First mentioned on Supergirl, it's an alt-universe where Germany won World War II, and the Flash, Green Arrow, and Supergirl are all evil.

It's also going to be the home of The Ray, who will be joining the fighting this time around. Russell Tovey is portraying the character in his live-action debut, before voicing him for the animated series Freedom Fighters: The Ray on CW Seed.

To tease the event, comic book artist Phil Jiminez (who worked on Infinite Crisis) has created a special comic book cover, which includes a few crucial details about the episode:

Arrowverse Crisis On Earth X
The CW

At the very centre, we can see Barry and Iris' wedding taking place. It's already been confirmed that they will get married in Season 4, and Crisis will see all their friends gathering for the occasion, before being interrupted by the villains.

Aside from that, we can also see some awesome looking dark versions of the heroes, most intriguingly a Reverse-Flash-esque speedster, but with what looks like 'SS' on his logo. Given Germany won WW2, looks as though these dark mirrors of the heroes are Nazis. There's also confirmation that Caitlin will appear in her Killer Frost persona, and the return of Captain Cold is suggested here as well.

Stephen Amell spoke about the crossover at Salt Lake Comic Con, and said rather than individual episodes, this crossover really feels like a four-hour movie. As for his thoughts on the 'movie' itself, he said:

"I can’t spoil it, other than to say that when I read the crossover scripts this year, I felt compelled to email the sort of original team of Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim. And the email just simply said 'Guys, thank you so much for this opportunity, because it’s going to be really, really good.'"

Crisis on Earth X will air on The CW from November 27-28. Are you excited? Share your thoughts down in the comments.

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