Attack On Titan: 12 Standout Moments From Season 3

Eren and co finally uncover the truth behind the Titans, the basement and life beyond the walls.

Pony Canyon

While season two of Attack on Titan was a bit of a disappointment for fans, season three was filled with the type of action and surprises that made it such a success when it was first released. Although the season was awesome throughout, there were some specific moments that were not only beautifully animated, but also pushed the story to places anime only fans never dreamed it would go.

We've gone all the way back through the season to pick out the best action scenes and the most shocking reveals. From Levi's bloody battles with the Beast Titan and Kenny, to Armin making the ultimate sacrifice to make sure the Survey Corps are able to reclaim Wall Maria, this season was jam packed with unforgettable plot twists and scenes.

Let's take a look back at some of the season's best moments and even see how it might affect the show going into the fourth season.

12. Coup D'état

Although Attack on Titan is mostly an action-orientated anime, that doesn't mean it can't create dramatic moments without blood and guts. In fact, one of the most intense scenes from season three was when Erwin found out that the monarchy, and the government put in place to protect it, had zero interest in helping the people inside the walls.

To prove this, Erwin and the rest of the military staged a fake attack on Wall Rose. Instead of helping the many refugees stuck there, government officials decided it was smarter to leave them locked in so they could be devoured by the titans. Now that their true colours had been exposed, Erwin, General Pixis and the others staged a coup d'état.

There's very little doubt that an all-out attack against the government would've been very entertaining. However, it was even better seeing the survey corps use their smarts instead of their muscle to take control and right the wrongs that had held the country back.


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