Battle Royale Being Adapted For TV Series

The CW network is currently in talks with the property’s owners in an attempt to secure the TV rights to the Japanese cult classic.

The Los Angeles Times was reportedly approached by an anonymous source, who spilled some major beanage about a possible TV remake of 2000€™s instant classic Battle Royale. The CW network is reportedly in talks with the property€™s owners in an attempt to secure the TV rights to the Japanese cult classic. A US remake of the modern classic was supposedly in the works not so long back and was being pushed by producers Neal Moritz and Roy Lee but the project was recently stalled, probably because of its similarities with The Hunger Games. The L.A Times piece indicates that the CW€™s meeting with the copyright holders are still in the preliminary stages and no deal is as yet in place. Reportedly, the writer of the original Battle Royale novel, Koushun Takami is still yet to have a say on the matter. For a while it was uncertain as to whether or not Battle Royale would even receive a Stateside release but of course that was dispelled the moment Anchor Bay released their DVD/Blu-ray collection earlier this year. I€™m usually sceptical of remakes and adaptations right up until the point I€™ve seen the proof with my own eyes. No doubt an American version, a TV version no less will scale down the violence significantly and if that€™s the case, what are we left with? Crappy human drama. Lame!
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