Being Human Series Five: 5 Reasons To Be Excited

Series five of the original version of Being Human is just a week away. On 3 February, the new trinity…

Louis Rabinowitz


Being Human

Series five of the original version of Being Human is just a week away. On 3 February, the new trinity – Tom, Alex and Hal (from left to right on the picture above) will return for six new gory, scary, and hilarious episodes.

So, what’s there to look forward to? In this article, I’ll be listing five (not the only five, mind – there’s a lot more than that!) reasons to be excited for the fantasy comedy-drama horror’s – it’s a mouthful, I know – return next Sunday.

Spoilers for series three and four, along with some minor series five spoilers follow!

5. The New Trinity

Being Human Series 5

If you’ve been following the show for a couple of years, you’ll know that between the series three and four finales, all four of Being Human’s original characters – Annie the nice-but-hopelessly-naive ghost, Mitchell the tortured Irish vampire, George the socially awkward werewolf and Nina, George’s more than slightly stubborn girlfriend, were all either killed or passed over to the ‘other side’.

For the majority of series four, Annie remained, but this time werewolf Tom and vampire Hal joined her at Honolulu Heights. Tom (Michael Socha) – who’d previously had a recurring role in series three – the vampire-killer with a heart of gold and Hal, the Old One with a seriously murky past won over viewers eventually, with their ‘odd couple’ bromance being a highlight of the excellent series. Series four ended with Annie resolving her unfinished business (blowing up a baby… most people don’t like to dwell on that one), and passing through her door to the afterlife, and plucky Scottish recently-turned ghost Alex took her place at Honolulu Heights.

It’s incredibly tricky a change of cast on the scale that Being Human did (Misfits tried a similar cast change in its fourth series… and emerged a show where a story about someone’s search for their missing… privates was a gritty A-plot), but it pulled it off with aplomb, creating characters that managed to be just as like-able as the previous trio. Being Human has always had excellent characters, and if the spoiler-free reviews are anything to go by, the new characters will continue to be as engaging and entertaining as they ever were.