Better Call Saul: 8 Huge Predictions For Season 2

What's in store for Jimmy McGill this season?

The second season of Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould's brilliant Better Call Saul is just around the corner, which can only be good for fans of the Breaking Bad universe and one of its finest characters. When the first season ended, it seemed like Jimmy McGill had finally snapped, turning away from the doors of Hamlin, Hamlin and McGill and choosing to embrace a life more fulfilling but infinitely more shady. Season two, then, will see Jimmy ditch the futile attempt to become a credible lawyer, having abandoned his deceitful brother Chuck and realising there's more money to be made as a criminal. As for loose ends, fans are inevitably expecting to see a substantial collaboration with the villainous drug dealer Nacho as well as a progression of Jimmy's relationship with Kim. And of course there's the question of how he makes his future business connections. With that said, the second season is set up to be completely thrilling. Here are eight huge predictions about what might happen.

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