Better Call Saul Season 3 Premiere: 7 Ups & 1 Down From 'Mabel'


7. The Adventures Of Mabel

Better Call Saul Jimmy Mabel

The series picks up with Jimmy and Chuck engaging in some brotherly bonding time, almost as if nothing has transpired between them. Jimmy helps Chuck transform his tinfoil cave into a regular old library room again, and the pair reminisce over an old story they used to read, The Adventures of Mabel (which is a real book, written by Harry Thurston Peck, who was a scholar and later dismissed after a scandal, eventually committing suicide... could that be some serious foreshadowing?).

Of course, the tension between these brothers is never far from the surface, as Chuck brutally undercuts the nice moment by reminding Jimmy that he won't forgive or forget what he did, causing the hangdog expression Bob Odenkirk has perfected.

Seeing these two together is one of the joys of the show, the caring Jimmy and the callous Chuck playing off each other so well. The scene where they're slowly rolling off the foil is a wonderfully idiosyncratic moment that highlights both the pacing of the show and the dynamic between these two brothers, with Jimmy ultimately getting Chuck's approval or guidance.


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