Black Mirror: 10 Times It Creepily Predicted The Future

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.


With its focus on how we interact with and are affected - both on a personal and societal level - by technology, Black Mirror has always felt like a very contemporary show with its finger on the button. Little did we know when it first began, however, that the series is so keyed into the modern world nearly every episode acts a blueprint for the near-future.

After five years of foreseeing new inventions, political scandals and shock elections, Black Mirror now has a reputation for being the TV series that predicts the future (alongside The Simpsons, of course). Most of its 13 episodes so far have ended up pre-empting some strangely specific event or unforeseen trend. It has got to the point where the show's title seems misplaced. It's not like looking into a dark reflection of the real world anymore. It's like staring into a crystal ball.

We are heading towards an inexorably heady and uncertain future, my friends. At least thanks to Black Mirror, we now know of some of the terrors that await us.

Listed here for your horror are the 10 times (at current count) that Black Mirror has creepily predicted future occurrences. Well, either that or Brooker is selling his ideas to governments, tech developers, cybercriminals et al. The monster.


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