Black Mirror: Ranking Every Episode From Worst To Best

2. Fifteen Million Merits

Channel 4

In one of the more overtly sci-fi instalments of the show, Fifteen Million Merits offers a look at a future where the lower classes work on X-Box Kinect-esque treadmills to create power for the unseen elite... and the only way to a better life is by going on talent show Hot Shots.

We don’t find out the ins and outs of this world like some others, but in its place we get a touching love story between two workers which, in classic Black Mirror fashion, takes a heart-breakingly cruel turn.

The breadth of what's in the firing range in this episode is what makes it a classic – from manipulative media to the increased digitalisation of our everyday lives - but chiefly it's a scary examination of when reality shows rule the world. I say when because we can't be too far off. We've already got a reality show star running for president.

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