Black Mirror Season 4: Every Episode Ranked From Worst To Best

The feel-bad show of 2017.

Black Mirror USS Callister

The wait has been agonising, but Black Mirror's long-anticipated fourth season is finally available now to stream on Netflix, delivering another six instalments of dystopian, tech-fuelled insanity with an undeniable, uncomfortable relevance to the real world as we know it.

While fans are likely to be divided on quite how well the new series lives up to its predecessors, the six episodes are for the most part highly entertaining and thoughtful additions to Charlie Brooker's social satire compendium. Arguments are sure to break out over which episode tops the pile, a debate that's certainly going to keep fans talking for some time.

Boasting some of the highest-profile cast and crew members the show has seen to date, Black Mirror is back with ferocious force, and from the almost unbearably bleak to the unexpectedly moving, it's just the refreshing tonic you might be craving after so much cloying merriment over the holidays.

As is always the problem with Netflix's binge model, though, now the wait begins for a fifth season to be confirmed and released...

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