Black Mirror Season 4: Every Episode Ranked From Worst To Best

3. Black Museum

Black Mirror Black Museum

The new season's finale eschews the typical Black Mirror formula in favour of a quasi-anthology of tales which are weaved together by a central frame narrative starring Douglas Hodge and Letitia Wright, both of who are terrific here.

Working from an original story provided by famous magician Penn Jillette, it's little surprise that Black Museum relishes getting one over on the viewer with numerous demented sleights of hand, which pay off with a highly satisfying final reveal.

The three technologies shown off - and the accompanying stories - are of varying strengths, but tied together into one skin-crawlingly icky trawl through a museum of the macabre, they work superbly well. The episode also provides some enticing hints at the wider state of the "Black Mirror universe", if you like.

With a distinctly Cronenberg-esque tone at its best, this was one of the show's more distinctive and memorable all-time episodes even if it didn't quite graduate overall to classic status.

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