Breaking Bad: 50 Ways You Know You're A Hopeless Addict


With the finale of Breaking Bad only a few months away, we can't be the only ones noticing more and more Breaking Bad references in our everyday life, as we get more and more bored of waiting. The smash hit TV show has captured the attention of people worldwide, so with our patience dwindling and our curiosity getting the better of us, we have compiled a list of fifty ways you know you're a Breaking Bad addict. This list of behaviours is designed as a handy guide to recognising your problem and embracing it, since self-awareness is the first step towards recovery. Though to be perfectly frank, quite why you would want to recover from an addiction to Breaking Bad is anyone's guess... Anyway, on to the list. If you exhibit any of these behaviours, chances are you're a fan, and all power to you; if you're doing them all, there might be something wrong with you, but we salute you nevertheless. 50. You find yourself having the urge to add "...b*tch!" to the end of every sentence... b*tch. 49. Any mention of Danny Trejo in any capacity triggers a mental image of his head on a turtle. 48. You have nightmares about The Cousins in no real context. Just their menacing faces coming toward you. 47. Every time a crime drama show mentions the disposal of a body you find yourself trying to recommend hydroflouric acid to them. 46. When drama is going down and you need to convene with friends, you find yourself texting the word "POLLOS." 45. You buy the takeaway's largest pizza and feel the urge to see if you can frisbee it onto your garage roof. 44. When approaching a cash machine you pray that it doesn't fall on you, crushing your head. 43. You've named your pets Skinny Pete, Badger and Combo. 42. You get chills down to your very bones whenever you hear a ding. 41. The word "yo" has found its way into your vocabulary and is being used more often than is strictly necessary.
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