Breaking Bad: 50 Ways You Know You're A Hopeless Addict

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25. Thinking of how you're going to pull an intervention on Jesse, a fictional character. 24. Eating at KFC, and you wonder what's happening in the manager's office, or in their basement. 23. Hearing the song "Jesse's Girl" immediately inspires a mental picture of Jane's demise. 22. When moving house, you open all boxes with a butter knife. 21. If you go to a bar, you situate yourself the furthest away from the one old guy at the bar. 20. Seeing delivery lorries on the roads and wondering whether Mike's in the back, guarding methamphetamine. 19. "Cooking" only refers to drugs, not food. 18. You daydream of Breaking Bad methods to do away with your boss. 17. You feel Walter White has taught you more about chemistry than your time at school. 16. Old men in wheelchairs seem very dangerous, especially those hooked to respirators... with a bell. 15. You'll never be found owning a Stanley knife or box cutter in your life. Ever. 14. You've automatically see female genitalia in every work of art since Jesse and Jane's trip to the art gallery. 13. You've warned your green-fingered friends about the dangers of Lily of the Valley. 12. You wonder how Jesse managed to get hold of such vast quantities of Sudafed as you're refused service at Boots for not having ID. 11. You've figured out the colour relations to the different Breaking Bad characters.
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