Breaking Bad: Top 10 Most Twisted Heisenberg Moments

47breaking-bad Peter Griffin didn't get it wrong when he saw fit to remind Stewie and Brian that Breaking Bad wasn't slowing down, whilst flying a rocket through Space. It really isn't. With the final few episodes set to grace our screens in the Summer, the magnificent character arc of Walter White will be set to reach an unavoidably tumultuous conclusion. Its this character arc, that serves as the driving force of the show. Drugs, deaths and exploding wheelchairs aside, its Walt's journey that interests us and with it, the parallel arc of Heisenberg - the psychotic, reckless alter-ego - the foil to the good-natured, fully-haired, car washing Chemistry Teacher of Season One. When things go down on Breaking Bad, you can guarantee that the infamous Heisenberg Hat isn't far away - probably on the head of its psychotic owner. Because it's true, when he's wearing the hat, Walt is a nutter. Any other character in any other show and we'd be baying for blood but somehow we always find it in our heart to forgive lovable Walt. Well no more... I'm going to highlight some of the worst atrocities committed by our empire building anti-hero to the point that you'll finish this article and hope that Hank comes off that toilet and puts a bullet in Walt's skull... okay we could never wish that, if just for Hank's sake... but it'll certainly raise attention to the twisted acts we've witnessed Heisenberg commit!
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