With production in full swing on the FX pilot episode of Powers, creator Brian Michael Bendis has taken the time out from his role of Executive Producer to show off a few of the set photos on his twitter account.

First up the Powers police department in the process of being built:


Broadcasting live from the Huge set of the powers police department!! First look!! yfrog.com/kh8ylqaj


Next up proof positive that a Powers television show is truly on the cards;

I’m going to be doing this all day :) http://t.co/yPna1Xj

Last up a powered individuals symbol. Surely you know who it belongs to:

who can guess what this is?


With a few days of filming in the bag Powers fans can look forward to something special.

The Walking Dead writer Chic Eglee has scripted the pilot which will star Jason Patric as Christian Walker, Lucy Punch as Deena Pilgrim, Charles S. Dutton as Captain Cross and Carly Foulkes as Reto Girl.

Fingers crossed it makes it to series!


Previously on WhatCulture!…

The blood-thirsty Powers comic (Bendis has previously expressed his happiness with being able to kill anybody off) focuses on two detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim (despite the names, it’s not deeply religious), who work in the Powers division of the police force, investigating crimes involving superheros and villains in an alternative reality where they are accepted- though policed- parts of normal society. Sort of like a procedural set in a universe like the one Tony Stark envisaged for the post-Civil War future, then.
The show was named on Simon Gallagher’s Top 10 Comics That Need To Be Made Into Movies (though I hear he is delighted at the prospect of a t.v. series!).

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