Buffy The Vampire Slayer: 15 Iconic Moments That Defined the Series

10. Season 3: Buffy Receives the "Class Protector" Award

I love Season 3 of Buffy, however there were fewer iconic moments in this season than in the previous one. I will ask you to forgive me for skipping over the wonderful character of Faith, but 15 iconic moments isn't a lot, and unfortunately Faith doesn't quite make the cut (as much as I loved her character). This to me, in the episode "Prom" was an incredibly important moment in Buffy's life, although it was one of the more mundane and simple moments in reality. for most of the first three seasons believed that she was an outcast, and somewhat of a loser in school because her job as the Slayer meant it was very difficult for her to just be another girl, and do the things that teenage girls take for granted. In fact, considering that Buffy had saved every single person in the school countless times, it was kind of upsetting to see that she never really was ever thanked, and that the school either didn't notice her great sacrifice, or completely took her for granted. In a surprise scene, Jonathon announces that the school has created a special award just for Buffy, in appreciation of everything that she did for them which Buffy thought went unnoticed. Buffy's face lights up, and it is particularly nice to see the character be rewarded and appreciated for once. Of all the moments in the show, this was perhaps the sweetest of them all.

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