Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Review: 5 Ups & 4 Downs

A flawed but promising debut for Netflix's teenage witch.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Netflix's long-awaited Sabrina reboot is streaming now on Netflix, and while it certainly has its issues, it's more often than not an entertaining reinvention of the iconic witch, initially made famous of course by the Melissa Joan Hart-starring late-90s hit TV show.

Starkly different in tone to the previous series and hewing closer to the style of the original Archie comics - and even adopting its namesake - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina offers up a gritty retooling for the millennial crowd.

It's likely to be received a little more divisively by huge fans of the previous series, but it's important to approach this new, more faithful adaptation on its own terms.

There are certainly disappointingly absent fan favourite elements here which will hopefully get their fair due in the already-filming second season, but this is a mostly compelling - if uneven - start for an ambitious reworking of a pop-culture mainstay.

With a little more care in the scripting department in particular, the new Sabrina has untapped potential to become a smash hit for the streaming giant...


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