DC's Titans: 9 Reasons It's Already A Dud

9. The Performances Are Incredibly Hit & Miss

Titans Raven
Warner Bros.

Even if Titans' cast ends up growing into their roles in the future, the performances from the principal actors don't inspire a lot of confidence right out of the gate.

The season premiere focuses primarily on Robin (Brenton Thwaites) and Raven (Teagan Croft), neither of whom are especially convincing on the basis of this opening episode.

Croft in particular gives a stilted, wooden performance as Rachel Roth, over-affecting too many of her line readings and basically making hackneyed acting choices for almost the entirety of her screen time. Considering the awesome potential the character has, it's a damn shame.

Thwaites fares a little better as Dick Grayson, but he simply lacks the acting chops necessary to imbue his character with the necessary anger and gravitas. Ultimately he feels more like a kid playing dress-up as both detective and superhero. He's certainly got the looks to play the part, but there's little indication here of the ability.

In fact the only promising aspect of the ensemble so far is Anna Diop as Starfire, who boasts a greater screen presence and more restrained approach to her appearance than her castmates.

Hopefully things might pick up a bit when the quartet of heroes converge and start riffing off one another, but it's hard to have a lot of faith right now.

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