DC's Titans Casts Game Of Thrones' Iain Glen As Batman

The real Bruce Wayne will appear in Season 2 of the DC Universe series.

Iain Glen Batman
HBO/DC Universe

Putting his Game of Thrones past behind him, Iain Glen will be swapping swords for batarangs by joining the cast of Titans as Bruce Wayne.

According to Deadline, Glen will feature as an older version of the famous crime fighter, seeking to reconcile his damaged relationship with his former ward, Dick Grayson - played by Brenton Thwaites. Given the clear hostility Robin still feels for his mentor, seeing the way the two attempt to reconcile - if they even can - is sure to play a significant role in the second season’s plot.

Titans Finale Batman
Warner Bros.

As the last reference to the Dark Knight in Titans was, in fact, an evil entity created by Trigon, seeing the dynamic between a significantly less evil Bruce and his first and former sidekick should prove for some highly entertaining viewing. Similarly, seeing how Glen makes the character of Bruce Wayne his own should provide an engaging, and potentially very unique, spin on the iconic superhero.

With the second series of Titans estimated to be released in October, it’s not long until the DC’s newest take on Batman will be streamed into homes across the globe.

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