Dexter: 8 Loose Ends That Season 8 Probably Won’t Tie Up

Tonight’s the night. In just a few short months I expect we’ll be hearing this opening line directed at us…

Matthew Murray


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Tonight’s the night. In just a few short months I expect we’ll be hearing this opening line directed at us once again. I assume if you’re reading you’re a fellow Dexter fanatic? We are now approaching eight years since Dexter first graced our screens. The most charming serial killer to ever walk the earth.

Now I remember becoming a fan of this show after digesting two straight days of season one. The writing was impeccable. The acting superb. The setup was more than a little intriguing. For a teenager whose previous favourite show was Monk, it was a serious revelation to be introduced to such high quality material on television. Not to attack Monk by the way, he’s awesome in his own way.

But over the last few years I think we’ve all found it hard to ignore the signs of a premise wearing thin. Season five was a total slap in the face to viewers. The writers chose to completely side-sweep the implications of Rita’s death and instead gave Dexter a brand new romance with a rape victim turned vigilante killer. This was the first real warning sign that the writers were losing touch.

The less said about season six, the better. Around the same time as viewing this farce I discovered Breaking Bad. Now, regardless of whether you’re a fellow fan, you can’t deny that Vince Gilligan and his writers have a knack for tying down loose ends. More than that, they weave old plot points into the narrative and give the whole series a sense of unity. Dexter has never really achieved this.

Try to think back to the early seasons of Dexter. Do you really remember what was going on for the supporting cast midway through season three? I don’t. And I like to believe it’s not because I have a bad memory. Not only has Dexter ignored past plot lines but each new season seems to try harder than the last to contradict them. In season five Quinn was a super cop hell bent on bringing Dexter to justice. In season seven he was a corrupt cop, barely conflicted by his actions by the time it all blew over. The show has become notorious for loose ends and forgotten story lines.

Season seven may have been a significant boost of life for the series. But I’m not entirely convinced we’re going to get the conclusion we’d all like. I’m sure the show will prove me wrong on some of my predictions. I’d love to see it prove me wrong on all of them. But here are eight frustrating points I’m not expecting the writers to bother addressing in the upcoming season.

Warning: there are spoilers ahead.