Doctor Who: 10 Cleverest Classic Who References In NuWho

Mock Moffat and RTD all you like, but you can bet damn sure they’ll destroy you in an obscure Who-off.

Allan Johnstone



NuWho has always had an interesting relationship with classic Who. It’s a very different show, and while it features old favourites aplenty – Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans – it’s also subverted many of the tropes that the older generation of fans thought were sacrosanct. Now it’s practically compulsory for the Doctor to kiss his companion. For most of us, who appreciate good writing and good acting, these ‘controversies’ are a complete non-issue. But it has led many classic fans to criticise the show and its writers in often heated terms.

The thing is, most of the writers love the classic series. Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat might not have taken pen to paper if it hadn’t been for Hartnell, Troughton, some threatening bits of cardboard and tinsel and that weird title music. Sensibly, they’ve updated the look and tone of the show, but they still manage to pay tribute to the old stuff, usually in extremely subtle ways. Rather than confuse new fans with elaborate continuity nods, they’ve inserted in-jokes and name drops that will only make sense to anyone with a mid-80s Colin Baker serial in their DVD collection. So anyone decrying NuWho for being too, well, Nu, has obviously missed these ten references. That’s understandable. They are very clever.

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