Doctor Who: 10 Completely Bonkers Fan Theories (That Sound Totally True)

Fifth Anniversary Doctor Who Fans of any television show will have theories about how they operate and how the plots are going to be resolved. Given the 50th anniversary, Doctor Who has invigorated the imagination right now and with the run up to the Christmas episode and the impending regeneration, there are plenty of talk about how things will work out for the Doctor and Clara. We've discussed such theories previously on What Culture, back in August we had a list of 10 Mind-Blowing Doctor Who Theories. None of these are my theories, just those recounted by fans on the internet. So I won't defend them, but I will certainly enjoy them! So here are another ten, updated in line with the recent celebrations and the upcoming Christmas special and with a couple of unique ideas about the regeneration limit...

10. The Second And Third Doctors Are The Same Person

The Three Doctors Jumping straight into one potential solution for the regeneration limit is the idea that the second and third Doctors are in fact the same version of the Doctor, albeit with a different appearance. This idea is based on how the regeneration came about €“ with the Doctor being turned from Patrick Troughton into Jon Pertwee by the Time Lords following the adventure The War Games. There are some positives to this, such as never actually seeing the regeneration take place. However, the characters of the two Doctors are different. Plus, I'm pretty sure that the second Doctor didn't do karate chops and the third Doctor didn't play the recorder. Plus if you're not going to count the regeneration between the second and third Doctors, you'll probably then have to count the non-regeneration of the tenth Doctor, and we still end up in the same predicament.
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