Doctor Who: 10 Examples Of Incredible Fan-Art

Doctor Who Art There's fan-fiction, there's cosplay, and there are a thousand ways to show your appreciation of a TV show. I for example have 'Stayin' Alive' by the Bee Gees as my ringtone, in honour of Sherlock's Moriarty. But some people go to the next level in the name of fan art, and I'm not just talking about art students drawing their favourite characters. Well, I am talking about them, because that stuff is amazing, but some people have designed titles for the show, built their own K9, and even carved the Doctor's face into pumpkins. I mean, this year I carved the vague outline of a cat and got jealous of how much better my girlfriend's was. You should see some of the pumpkins that these people do. And see you will: here are ten examples of the most amazing fan-art that the fandom has to throw up. Be prepared to be amazed, and share links to your own in the comments!

10. Doctor Who Pumpkins

TennantCredit: And here are a few of the finest pumpkins the world wide web offered us this Halloween. Credit of course to the artists, the link's above to see more, and remember, any sort of art involving the Weeping Angels will result in the image of an Angel becoming an angel itself. You've been warned. Untitled 4

Untitled 3

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