Doctor Who: 10 Fan Ideas The Show Should Totally Adopt

Ten of the most interesting fan theories about the show that could so easily become canon.

Mark White



Doctor Who these days is not without its fan service. From naming “the drunk giraffe” dance move in ‘The Time of the Doctor’ to referencing the fans with the character of Osgood, it seems like Steven Moffat is taking more and more notice of us, and referencing us in the show.

And let’s be honest, some of us have got a lot to add. We all have our opinions about Doctor Who, our theories and our ideas, and the show encourages that; it was Doctor Who that got the likes of Moffat and Gatiss involved in writing for television, and it’ll no doubt get so many more people into writing for the show one day. It widens our imagination, and with that creativity, love for characters and passions for the stories, we start to imagine things that we’ve never actually had confirmed for sure.

Here are ten of the most interesting theories about the show that could so easily become canon, with just a nod from a writer. Do you have any theories you’d like to see the show adopt though? Read on and comment at the end…