Doctor Who: 10 Huge Moffat Plot Twists That Pose Bigger Questions

Damn you Steven Moffat, you're such a tease...

'The Time of the Doctor' is nearly upon us, as his fobwatch approaches Twelve. Matt Smith's tenure in the TARDIS is all but complete, and as we look to the future with Peter Capaldi, it's also a time to look back at the Eleventh Doctor. But if you're looking for sugary nostalgia here, I'll direct you now to the "X Reasons to Miss Matt Smith" articles. What about all the questions we still want answers to? Moffat loves a plot twist. He's known for them: he's brought the lead characters from both his big dramas back from what was almost certainly their death scene, and that's just the tip of the iceberg, twist-wise. Every twist creates a fissure in story-telling and we're hoping that Moffat will paper over the cracks in 'The Time of the Doctor'. Here are ten twists that left gaping questions; some of them will be resolved at Christmas, some of them we'll never know.

10. It's River That Kills The Doctor

We'd always guessed that it was River killed the Doctor; back in 'Flesh and Stone', Father Octavian practically confirmed it. I mean, who else was going to be the best man that she ever knew? But River's murder sentence did pose a big question: why didn't the Doctor break her out of prison permanently? Why would he ask someone he loved to rot in jail for something she didn't do? The Doctor's not perfect, and the guilt of his mistreatment to River is clear in 'The Name of the Doctor'. He clearly did love her, but he's never been that great in relationships, or with women in general to be honest; I mean, did he honestly not see how he was treating Martha? It would be nice though if Eleven could undo all those days that River waited for him. River seemed fiercely strong and independent, so it would be a shame if she never had a life outside her marriage.

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