Doctor Who: 10 Incredible Early Designs Of Your Favourite Monsters

Cyber In its classic era, Doctor Who was renowned for its wobbly sets and rubber suited villains. But while the production values were nowhere near as high as they are now (thank you BBC America and the show's rise in geek love), there was always a creativity behind the villains. Look at the imagination behind classic enemies like the Silurians or Sontarans; they may look tacky now but the concept is still blooming terrifying. And they need to be. The monsters that the Doctor encounters on his travels through time and space are integral to the success of an episode. If you look at the stories that fans hold dear, all are born out of an exciting creature or devious villain scheme; Blink, The Doctor€™s Wife, The Empty Child, recurring toppers of best episode lists, all stick to this trait, as do many classics from the old series (Genesis Of The Daleks anyone?). Yeah, villains are pretty important. So as the series prepares to celebrate its 50th Anniversary and move towards its twelfth (or is it now thirteenth) Doctor, today I'm going to take a look back at some of the earlier versions of the show€™s monsters. There€™s a real Nu-Who slant to these designs, which mainly comes down to much of the early concepts for monsters in the classic series being either lost or unreleased.
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